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Tungsten rings – the perfect material for any man’s wedding

Most of the time, when it comes to weddings, the whole day ends up being about the bride. The proposal, the engagement ring, the flowers, the wedding dress, the wedding reception. It is about putting the focus on the bride herself. There’s usually a joke, that all the groom has to do is show up on his day!

Why is that? Why not direct at least a little of that day to the groom, or at least give him his process to follow. There is a shift where men want to be more involved and get pampered in their own way. It’s better than buying a one-use discount suit and a gold wedding band from a local department store.

This is occurring more and more as the groom wants their own process. Opting out less for a traditional bachelor party and then wedding the next day mentality, more grooms are looking to go down a route that is more pampered. They want to share experiences with their close friends and maybe go on an adventure. They want to enjoy their own spa treatments and specialised salon treatments. The custom-fitted suit is making a comeback as well, as it provides a unique and uncommon experience for most grooms.

We at Noble Jewel understand this need and want to be part of the journey for those grooms that see fit to go the extra mile for themselves. We want to provide a lasting product and experience so that they themselves feel confident in the new chapter of life that they are beginning.

We are fully dedicated to being a men’s jeweller, to ensure that all of our products fit their needs and can encompass the desires of those that are seeking something unique. We specialise in men’s tungsten wedding rings and are able to develop intricate designs to last a lifetime.

Due to the recent pandemic, those that are interested in our product but may not know their ring size are not able to go to a local jeweller and check their size. Do not worry, we have you covered with our high quality and durable ring sizer here. This elegant ring sizer is made to last and will help provide us with your accurate ring size. It is unisex too, so feel free to secretly measure your future wife’s engagement ring size as well!

Look no further than us here at Noble Jewel as we aspire to bring a mix of modern luxury and take a step back to a time where these events should never be rushed and quality. This is why we primarily work with tungsten-based rings – as they provide exceptional quality but still possible to build out beautiful designs. Browse our customised designs here and look no further than us for your wedding ring. We craft them to last forever as should be the devotion of this day, so it stays with you as a symbol of your union to your beloved. 

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