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The Noble Gentleman’s Wedding Journey

Having crafted the perfect and surprising proposal, and receiving that blissful “Yes!” from their partner, The gentleman must now prepare his journey to the wedding day. He provides the necessary support and refinement to his loving bride and wants to ensure that the day is perfect for her. He does not “split up” the tasks to be more efficient, but takes the time to go through all the steps, and understanding the difference.

This is a momentous occasion and day, and it is important to be involved and play the part of a true partner and support. Think of it as a final test before the lifelong commitment. It is fantastic to see how there has been a movement to slow down and appreciate the wedding process in this day of instant gratification. For those that live the lifestyle of a Gentleman, it provides the necessary time and patience to make the right choices and selections.

We here at Noble Jewel are the Gentleman Jeweller. We picked our name because we feel that anyone can be Noble without needing to be Royalty. The qualities of someone noble can be classified as having those characteristics of the highest standards of moral qualities combined with dignity and eminence. These are the qualities found in every gentleman.

Our craft is a curated mix of bold choices for the bold man. We ensure a certain elegance and only work with those metals that fit that type of lifestyle and fashion choice. We understand how important that wedding day is, and join you on your journey to help find you that perfect symbol of devotion and commitment to that loved one you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

Our bands come in two major flavours of metal and are Stainless Steel and Tungsten.

Men’s stainless steel wedding rings

These are lightweight yet durable, for the gentleman on the go. You are a traveller, and an explorer and you want to make sure that your ring survives your newfound journeys. We help to cater to these needs and offer various styles from our simple yet elegant look found in The Jonathan. This focuses on the shiny and vibrate look stainless steel comes in. These types of bands are classic and timeless for the gentleman traveller.

Men’s tungsten wedding rings

Whereas stainless steel represents the explorer, Tungsten wedding bands look like they’ve been forged in the fires by Hephaestus himself. These bring a weight that can be felt and are suited for the gentleman builder. Grounded and supportive, with a nearly indestructible ring. It is akin to having a piece of Thor’s Hammer adorned on your wedding ring forever. These are for the boldest of men, as they are there to stand by their commitment and want to showcase it. A fantastic look can be found here with The Jax – which has a wonderful and fiery gold accent.

Whatever material is chosen, know that we at Noble Jewel, will work with you and find the right fit and type for this important step in your life.

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