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Ring Cleaning Guide

Men’s Ring Cleaning Guide

The most important step after purchasing your men’s ring is taking care of it! Wedding rings are designed to be worn every day, which may expose your wedding band to environmental elements, body oil, and other chemicals that may cause damage or dull the surface. Taking care of your ring keeps it looking brand new and pristine, along with minimizing normal wear and tear that may become visible over time.

This easy-to-read men’s ring cleaning guide will aid you in taking preventive measures against metal damage and extend the life of your ring.

Tungsten Carbide Basics

Tungsten carbide is one of the most popular metals used in modern men’s wedding rings. Tungsten carbide wedding bands are perfect for those who seek a statement style that is unique in color, texture, and design. This highly durable metal features inviting price points suited for any budget, making it a great alternative to classic gold and platinum wedding rings.

Tungsten carbide is a metal composition that consists of carbon, tungsten, and sometimes titanium, along with a negligible amount of nickel.  Nickel makes tungsten jewelry strong, hard, and durable, perfectly suited for a wedding ring.

Benefits of Tungsten Carbide

  • Unlike other metals, tungsten doesn’t tarnish, turn your finger green, or pit/corrode over time. 
  • Tungsten is a dense metal that is also highly scratch-resistant, meaning it doesn’t have to be buffed as often as other jewelry to remove worn and weathered areas. It is also 10X harder than gold and 4X harder than titanium.
  • Tungsten holds a polished finish well, meaning it will not have to be re-polished like other metals if it features a smooth, high shine.

Tungsten Carbide Care

Taking care of your tungsten wedding band at home is easy to do using soapy water and a soft toothbrush/brush.

Here are the ingredients needed:


Notes: Do not vigorously scrub the ring. This may cause damage to the surface finish.

Tungsten Set with Other Metals, Stones & Enameling

Tungsten rings are often designed using other materials, such as wood and enameling inlay, along with diamonds and other stones.  Tungsten rings may also feature stainless steel, platinum, or gold, creating a unique multi-metal ring that features a classic elegance that meets a modern appearance. Because of these different metals, materials, and stones, extra care must be taken when these rings are cleaned.

Using a jewelry cloth for the other metals and precious stones will renew their shine and remove build-up.

Tips for Preserving Your Tungsten Wedding Ring

Tungsten carbide should not be exposed to chlorine water for long periods, especially if it has colored enamel or wood inlays. This could damage the color and materials.

Keep your tungsten rings away from household cleaning products. Harsh chemicals such as bleach and detergent may permanently damage

Keep your rings stored in boxes of jewelry bags when they are not being worn. This will protect them from being damaged or exposed to cleaning chemicals.

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