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This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) governs the privacy practices of Noble Jewel (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ourselves”) insofar as the use of Cookies and other tracking technologies are concerned. The purpose of this Policy is to describe what Cookies are, what We use them for, and how You can manage them during Your visit to, or use of, the Noble Jewel Store. 

By accepting Our Cookie Notice, You signify Your consent to the storage of Cookies on Your device/s and where applicable, the processing of Your Personal Information. This Cookie Policy is to be read alongside Our Privacy Policy, which details, in particular, Our privacy practices and the processing of Personal Information by Noble Jewel in accordance with Data Protection Laws.


In this Policy the following definitions shall apply:

1.1. Data Protection Laws

Data Protection Laws shall mean all South African legislation or regulations protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals in respect of their right to privacy with respect to the processing of personal information;

1.2. Analytics

Analytics shall mean the collection, discovery and interpretation of meaningful observations, occurrences or patterns in User behaviour on the Noble Jewel Store. Analytics do not contain any Personal Information;

1.3. NobleJewel 

NobleJewel means Canna Be Blunt (Pty) Ltd (Reg No: 2012/190320/07);

1.4. The Noble Jewel Store

The Noble Jewel Store means the Noble Jewel Store accessible at www.Noble, owned and operated by Noble Jewel (“Us, Our, Ourselves, We”);

1.5. Cookies

Cookies shall mean the small files that websites place on Your device as You are browsing the internet, as described in Section 2 of this Policy. For the purposes of this Policy, Cookies collectively refers to traditional Cookies (small text files), as well as other web beacons, pixels and tags;

1.6. Data Subject

Data Subject shall mean any natural or juristic person in respect of whom the personal information relates;

1.7. Personal Information

Personal Information shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural or juristic person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural or juristic person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person;

1.8. Policy

Policy shall mean this Cookie Policy;

1.9. Third-Party

Third-Party shall mean any other natural or juristic person that is not You, the User, or Ourselves;

1.10. User/s

User/s shall collectively refer to both Guest Users and Registered Users who visit and/or transact on the Noble Jewel Store:

1.10.1. Guest User/s

Guest User/s shall refer to persons who visit and/or transact on the Noble Jewel Store, without registering an account on the Noble Jewel Store;

1.10.2. Registered User/s

Registered User/s shall refer to persons who register an account on the Noble Jewel Store when visiting and/or transacting on the Noble Jewel Store;

1.11. User Data

User Data shall collectively refer to all data (including Personal Information) provided and/or generated by Users who visit, register and/or transact on the Noble Jewel Store. User Data includes but is not limited to: account details; order history and addresses).


2.1. Cookies are small text or other files that websites place on Your device as You are browsing. The file – and the information in the file – is generated by the server-side application running the website. The server also has access to the Cookie it gave You (but not to Cookies created by other websites). Every time You access the Noble Jewel Store, a Cookie is sent to Your computer or device to identify Your You and your device/browser.

2.2. Cookies serve important functions for websites and can generally be easily viewed and deleted from Your device by You, the User (see Section 4 of this Policy below).
2.3. Cookies may constitute Personal Information in that they may involve the storing, retrieval and processing of Your device details and other online and unique identifiers.


3.1. We store session and transient Cookies in order to:

3.1.1. remember You when visiting the Noble Jewel Store and to keep You logged into the Noble Jewel Store when You close Your browser;

3.1.2. remember Guest Users who transact on the Noble Jewel Store; and

3.1.3. remember Your browsing preferences on the Noble Jewel Store.

3.2. We may store persistent Cookies, flash Cookies, pixels and other tags in order to:

3.2.1.  perform site analysis;

3.2.2. generate Analytics;

3.2.3. track User sentiments;

3.2.4. conduct performance tracking;

3.2.5. understand who Our audience is so that We can provide content most relevant to You;

3.2.6. allow Third-Parties to provide services to Our website;

3.2.7. help us deliver personalized advertising where appropriate and in compliance with Data Protection Laws;

3.2.8. ensure that Your account security is not compromised;

3.2.9. mitigate risk and prevent fraud; and

3.2.10. promote trust and safety across the Noble Jewel Store.


4.1. Your internet browser generally accepts Cookies automatically. However, most modern browsers have the ability to “block all Cookies” or “reject Cookies” which will force Your browser to stop accepting Cookies. You can also only allow Cookies from “Trust Sites” and You can delete Cookies manually.

4.2. When visiting the Noble Jewel Store, You will have the option to accept or reject Cookies. However, it is important to note that deleting or no longer accepting Cookies may:

4.2.1. prevent You from accessing the Noble Jewel Store;

4.2.2. reduce the performance of the Noble Jewel Store on Your device; and

4.2.3. negatively impact Your experience when using the Noble Jewel Store.

4.3.  Where You decide to reject or delete Cookies on the Noble Jewel Store, We will not be responsible for any time-wasted or unexpected incidents You may experience, including but not limited to site errors, site malfunctions or non-performance of the Noble Jewel Store.


5.1. You agree to be bound by any affirmation, assent, communication or agreement that You transmit through the Noble Jewel Store, including but not limited to the consent You provide to Us when accepting this Policy.

5.2. You agree that, when in the future You click on “I agree,” “I Consent,” “Submit,” or other similarly worded “button” or entry field with Your mouse, keystroke or other computer device, Your agreement or consent will be legally binding and enforceable and the legal equivalent of Your handwritten signature.


If You have any questions about this Policy or the way in which We handle Your Personal Information, or if You wish to invoke any of Your rights described in Section 3 above, please contact Us at


We may change this Policy at any time, in which case any amended terms shall be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Policy and any subsequent activity in relation to the Noble Jewel Store shall be governed by such amended terms. We therefore recommend that You check Our Website regularly. If You do not agree with any term in this Policy, please do not use the Noble Jewel Store.

This Cookie Policy was last updated on 19 April 2021.

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